Isaiah 63:1-65:25 / Philippians 2:19-30 / Psalm 73:1-28 / Proverbs 24:13-14

Proverbs 24: 13-14

“My son, eat honey because it is good, and the honeycomb because it is sweet to your taste.  So shall knowledge and wisdom be to your soul.  If you have found it there is prospect (VISION), and your hope will not be cut off.”

It’s funny how, as a culture, we are becoming increasingly concerned about our physical health.  We measure and count the cost of harmful environmental effects - we’re concerned about the consumption of growth hormones in our meat, potential toxins in aluminum, artificial sweeteners, and air pollution. 

Yet, by enlarge, we greatly neglect the concept that we are filling our hearts and minds with cultural poison (destructive media, music, internet trash, faux celebrity voyeurism, etc..) that will destroy our relationships, pollute our minds, kill our vision, wrongly re-shape our thinking and cause us long term pain, confusion, heartache, anddepression.

What good is a healthy body if our hearts and minds are being slowly destroyed by cultural toxins and pollution (that we willingly feed on)?  Our God is a God of COMPLETE HEALTH.  Yes, He wants us to care for our physical health, but HIS MAIN CONCERN IS OUR EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL CONDITION.

Walking daily with our Heavenly Father, and feeding on His Word (our complete source for knowledge, wisdom and understanding) is the VERY BEST PLAN FOR OUR OVER-ALL HEALTH!  God’s ways and His truth WORK! His ROCK-SOLID TRUTH helps us navigate the crazy waters of this world safely, hope-filled, healthy and full of God's vision for our lives!  God’s truth is as wonderful and sweet as honeycomb!  It is SO, SO GOOD FOR US – Good for our minds, hearts, relationships, etc - the ultimate SUPER FOOD!