Ezekiel 1:1-3:1 / Hebrews 3:1-19 / Psalms 104:1-23 / Proverbs 26:24-26

Standout Verse:

Ezekiel 3: 7-9

“But the house of Israel will not listen to you because they will not listen to Me.  For all the house of Israel are stubborn and hard-hearted.  Behold, I have made your face strong against theirs, and your forehead strong against their foreheads.  Like adamant stone, harder than flint, I have made your forehead.  Do not be afraid of them, nor be dismayed at their looks, for they are a rebellious house.”

Today, even in the church, we’ve allowed the influence of our culture and the world to permeate our lives, changing what we see as normal.  Sometimes we can find ourselves in Christian circles wondering what in the world is going on as God’s ways and truth are either stretched and bent so far to fit around our lifestyle choices, or, we’ve simply disregarded it all together.

People (even other Christians!) may look at us like we’re crazy – like we’re radical, and over-the-top.  The truth is walking closely with God, knowing Him and knowing His truth is completely NOT over-the-top.  It’s NORMAL Christian living.  It only looks radical when measured by how far we’ve drifted away into what the world calls “normal” VS what God says is “normal”.  But here’s the deal: we can’t worry about people’s opinions, rather we must be adamant, setting our foreheads like flint, determining not to be influenced or knocked off course by anything that stands against God’s truth!

These days we are living in call for a steadfast, unshakeable, pro-active, personal (as opposed to second-hand osmosis) pursuit of God’s truth so we will grow in wisdom and understand how to identify right and wrong so we can walk closely with the Lord – the safest, best, most peaceful, fruitful, place to be!