Malachi 1:1-2:17 / Revelation 21:1-27 / Psalm 149:1-9 / Proverbs 31:10-24

Standout chapter: Malachi 1:1-2:17

Malachi talks about living a “sloppy spiritual life” - offering second-rate praise and thanksgiving to God. 

As problems arise in our lives that are directly due to our choices, behavior or lack of wisdom, we can sometimes find ourselves crying out to God, begging Him to fix everything up for us.  We want the pain of the consequences to go away, not so we can realign ourselves with Him and begin walking in authentic relationship and obedience, but, so we can keep on doing what we want to.  We want what we want without having to face the troubles that come with living a life of “selective Christianity”. God isn’t interested in us delegating ‘this area, or that area” to Him depending on what we do or do not want to be in control of. 

We are blessed to be the children of the God of the Universe who has a passion to be in a deep and abiding relationship with each one of us!  He has created us individually and has a unique plan and purpose for us.  HE HAS VISION AND STRATEGY FOR EVERY AREA OF OUR LIVES and is waiting for us to submit to Him and surrender our lives to Him FULLY, so He can show us the specifics of what He has uniquely created us for – a life that, not only glorifies Him, but is wonderfully peaceful, fulfilling, hope-filled and blessed.

If we will give Him TRUE LORDSHIP over our lives, instead of “selective lordship”, we will begin to experience the life-changing, exciting adventure that He created us to live.