Hosea 4:1-5:15 / 2 John 1-13 / Psalm 125:1-5 / Proverbs 29:9-11

Standout Verse:

Hosea 4:1,6

“There is no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land. (V.6) My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

A recent Barna Group study shows that 78% of Christians (basically 2 out of 10) consider themselves to be either average or below average in their Bible knowledge.  Other studies show that less than 10% (one out of 10) read their Bibles daily, and 41% say they read their Bibles “never” or “rarely”.  For a people group that has been SAVED by the God of the Universe, those stats are pretty dismal.

God gave us a TREASURE BOX OF TRUTH when He gave us the Bible.  It’s not there for us to read as a “Christian duty” or chore.  It is there for us so we can EXPECTANTLY dive into it, learn about who God is, grow in our understanding of His DEEP LOVE for us, and His great desire for us to become the people He created us to be 

We are living in some wild times in a crazy, messed up world.  The enemy of our souls, Satan, LOVES it when he sees a generation choosing to live with a lack of knowledge – how fun for him?  That means he can reek havoc all day long, staying under the radar, destroying peoples lives.

The solution is super SIMPLE and straightforward.  We must make a choice, as individuals, to GET SMART.  To feed on God’s truth, His promises, His designs – TO GROW IN OUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, as well as growing in knowledge and understanding of His ways.  It’s the only chance we have to live in this continually shifting, always confusing world filled with POWER, PEACE and STRENGTH; growing “greener” and more fruitful as opposed to more confused and lost.