I Samuel 18:1-19:24 / John 8:31-59 / Psalm 112:1-10 / Proverbs 15:12-14

Standout verse:
John 8:31-32“If you abide in My Word
, you are My disciples indeed, and you will know the Truth and the truth will make you free.” 

ABIDE - To dwell, to remain in a place, to wait patiently for, to continue to be sure or firmDISCIPLE - Somebody who strongly believes in the teachings of a leader, a philosophy, or a religion, and tries to act according to themKNOW – To perceive, gain knowledge, recognize, realize, come to knowTRUTH - something that is so clearly true that it hardly needs to be stated, accuracy in description or portrayal, faithfulness to a person or a cause (in this case, Jesus!)FREE - Freedom, liberationA breakdown of what the Lord is saying in this power-packed verse:IF YOU ABIDE - Dwell, remain in, continue to spend time with

IN MY WORD - The Bible, time with Me, building our relationshipYOU ARE MY DISCIPLES - I will know you really want to follow Me because I will see the intentions of your heart being backed by how you live; ACTION

YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH – You will gain knowledge of who I am, you will recognize Me, you will realize what truth is and will be able to combat the lies of the enemy that would attempt to cause you to stumble

AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE - You will come to know Me in a way that will liberate you, free you, and allow you to become all that I’ve created You to be