II Samuel 12:1-31 / John 16:1-33 / Psalm 119:65-80 / Proverbs 16:4-5

Standout verses:Psalm 119: 66-67, 71, 75
“Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe Your commandments. Before I was afflicted, I went astray, but now I keep Your word. (v. 71) It is good for me that I have been afflicted
, that I may learn Your statues. (v. 75) I know Lord that Your judgments are right, and that IN FAITHFULNESS You have afflicted me.”

We can be so quick to believe that all afflictions we experience are from the enemy.  However, many times the Lord allows us to experience challenges, trials, pain and afflictions IN ORDER TO DRAW OUR HEARTS TO HIMSELF AND BRING US CLOSE - BACK UNDER THE LOVING & SAFE COVERING OF HIS MIGHTY HAND.


2 Samuel 12: Nathan goes to David and confronts him about his sin with Bathsheba.

David messed up big time and couldn’t even see it. He’d made so many excuses and justified his choices, thoughts and actions so much, he began to believe the lies he’d been crafting.  He’d pushed God so far out of his life, he was blinded to the blatantly obvious situation he was in.  Yes, even David – a man after God’s own heart found himself totally “blocked”…his eyes, ears and heart had turned from God.

Was it Satan who had brought this situation into David’s life causing him to sin? Was this really David’s fault OR was he a victim of the enemy’s cunning plans?

Satan did the tempting with Bathsheba, but it was David that clearly made the CHIOICE to take the bait and act upon it, which lead down the road to adultery, and murder.  IT ALL STARTED WITH DAVID’S ONE CRITICAL CHOICE ON THE ROOFTOP: Identify temptation, turn and run from it OR push God aside, reach out, take it and see where it would lead.  Obviously he chose the latter.

Like the verse above from PSALM 119, it wasn’t God who afflicted David, it wasn’t even Satan – IT WAS DAVID WHO AFFLICTED DAVID BY WAY OF HIS CHOICES.  The Lord allowed what followed because He knew that when David hit rock bottom, his eyes would be opened, his mind and heart would be jolted back into truth.  Sometimes that’s the only way we will listen when we’ve been indulging sin long enough.

Not only is “ROCK BOTTOM” NOT God’s ideal for us – it’s His LAST RESORT.  But, because He loves us so desperately, He will allow us to get to the razor’s edge if it’s the only way we will find Him again, reach out to Him with desperation, and put Him back in the center of our lives.  No matter what we’ve done, God’s heart is to RESTORE and make broken, sinful lives BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!  

Again, thank You Lord that You’ve given us Your Word (what an AMAZING tool!!) so we can LEARN through history and stay close to you.  Help us to become skilled at identifying those “rooftop choices” and quickly turn from sin so we will avoid the pitfalls and anything that seeks to separate us from Your loving arms.

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