1 Kings 3:1-4:34 / Acts 6:1-15 / Psalm 126:1-6 / Proverbs 16:26-27

Standout Verses: 1Kings 3:5-12

In the beginning of King Solomon's reign he asked the Lord for wisdom.  The Lord granted his request, gave him great wisdom and understanding and blessed him abundantly. Sadly, at the end of Solomon's life, his heart had turned from the Lord.

How could he start out so strong with the Lord and then finish with a divided heart that wasn’t loyal to the God who loved him and literally poured out His blessings upon him?  How could a man who was so wise let this happen?

It didn't happen over night, it happened over time. God had specifically told him NOT to marry anyone who worshiped foreign gods but he did it anyway. In fact, he started to collect foreign wives, one by one.  By the time he died, he had nearly a thousand wives and concubines. Solomon had made choices that were directly contrary to the parameters God had laid out for him.  His wrong choices fueled an addiction that slowly but surely turned his heart FAR away from his God. Not only did his life not end well, he’d ended up way outside the amazing plans God had in mind for him.  Solomon ripped himself off due to the choices he’d made.

This can also happen to us if we're not vigilant to obey the Lord and stay within the parameters He’s given us. THE RIGHT CHOICES HE CALLS US (AND EQUIPS US) TO MAKE LEAD TO LIFE.  When we walk within the designs He has for us, our lives grow strong and stay strong.  The great news is, we don’t have to choose sinful behaviors that will lead to destruction.  We can make choices that keep us close to the Lord and allow us to become the people we were born to be!