2 Chronicles 26:1-28:27 / Romans 13:1-14 / Psalm 23:1-6 / Proverbs 20:11

Standout verse:
2 Chronicles 26:16“But when he was strong, his heart was lifted up, for he transgressed against the Lord His God by entering the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the alter.”

King Uzziah had become successful, well known throughout the land, and victorious over his enemies – all by the hand of God.  Yet, despite God’s faithful provision, Uzziah’s heart became lifted up and he began to see his achievements as his own, rather than due to the Lord.  As pride crept in and took hold, Uzziah lost his “need” for and dependence on God – he felt he was able to rule over his kingdom in his own strength.  The outworking of his pride was displayed as he took it upon himself to burn incense in the temple – a job strictly limited to the priests of the line of Aaron.  The Lord resisted Uzziah and struck him with leprosy, resulting in him having to live in isolation for the rest of his life.  

Many times we find ourselves in seasons of dependence on the Lord for virtually everything – usually seasons of desperation.  Then, when things begin to go well, we can tend to slip into an attitude that says, “thanks God, I’ve got it from here” and we lose our desperation for Him.  Then, when things get tough again, we cry out to the Lord and ask for His help. 

If we find ourselves in this kind of cycle, we can usually boil it all down to the fact that we’ve allowed pride to creep into our hearts causing us to “utilize” the Lord on an “as needed” basis – “sometimes I need Him, sometimes I’m just fine without Him”.  Things never go well that way…we end up in a “wreck” and wonder how in the world we got there. 

God gets mad FOR us when we live this way – HIS BEST FOR US IS THAT WE CHOOSE TO WALK CLOSELY WITH HIM, not because He needs the attention, but because He is our Loving Heavenly Father who made us, knows us and wants to lead us in the amazing plans and purposes He created us for.  HE DESPERATELY WANTS THINGS TO GO WELL FOR US BECAUSE HE LOVES US!

Let’s learn to quickly identify our own pride and recognize it for what it is.  It’s us believing we are capable of handling things on our own; needing to be in control instead of resting in, relying on and walking in a deliberate, consistent, daily relationship with the Lord.