2 Chronicles 30:1-31:21 / Romans 15:1-21 / Psalm 25:1-15 / Proverbs 20:13-15

Standout Verse:

2 Chronicles 30:8-9

“Now, do not be stiff-necked as your fathers were, but yield yourselves to the Lord…for if you return to the Lord, your brethren and your children will be treated with compassion by those who lead them captive, so that they may come back to this land; for the Lord your God is gracious and merciful and will not turn His back from you IF you return to Him.”

Anyone who says our God is angry, distant or judgmental doesn’t really know Him.  It’s impossible to read the Word and miss the fact that God deeply and desperately LOVES His children and wants their hearts to be wholly His so they can live strong, peaceful, abundant lives even in the midst of a sin-filled, fallen world.

He didn’t create us to be robots loyal only to Him.  He gave us a free will allowing us to give our hearts and minds to those things we choose.  His desire is that we would freely choose Him, walk with Him, allow Him to lead and guide us and become the people He created us to be.  That’s real, authentic love.  And, that’s what He continually and faithfully extends to each of us.

We must shut down the lies of the enemy that whisper to us things like, “God is a liar, He won’t really forgive someone as far gone as you”, “getting right with God is way too complicated” or “you’ll just fail again and again”.  Those kinds of voices are in direct opposition to the hope, healing and forgiveness God offers.

REPENTANCE and RETURN are ONE FREE-WILL CHOICE AWAY.  We must choose to stand on God’s truth knowing and believing He wants us back and He WILL FORGIVE us NO MATTER WHERE WE’VE BEEN OR WHAT WE’VE DONE.  This is AMAZING news!!  Let’s take Him up on His promises TODAY!