Nehemiah 12:27-13:31 / 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 / Psalm 35:1-16 / Proverbs 21:17-18

Standout Verse:

Nehemiah 13:25-26

“”You shall not give your daughters as wives to their sons, nor take their daughters for your sons or yourselves.  Did not Solomon, king of Israel sin by these things?  Yet among many nations there was no king like him who was beloved of his God; and God made him king over all Israel.  Nevertheless, pagan women caused him to sin.”

Under Nehemiah’s strong, Godly leadership, the people thrived. Once the wall was completed, he took a short journey back to Babylon and then returned to find the people had quickly begun to engage in all kinds of chaos.  They were again breaking the Sabbath, defiling the temple, underpaying the Levites, and marrying foreign women!  The people clearly thought that while Nehemiah was away, they could do what they wanted and engage in all their ungodly desires and maybe he wouldn’t notice…kind of a “play now, pay later” attitude.

Sometimes we find ourselves thinking the same: “maybe we can just slide under the radar and do what we want and God won’t notice”.  We want our “fun” and don’t want it taken away.  Satan would love us to believe that “paying later” is no big deal – that, we may not even have to pay at all.

This is when our Heavenly Father gets mad FOR us.  He hates to see His children make choices that “rip themselves off” from the exceedingly, abundant Life He has planned for us.  He isn't some kind of "power hungry god" who sets up rules to steal our fun and make our lives restricted and boring as He wields His strong arm of authority over us all the while getting His ego is stroked (a TOTALLY FALSE idea the enemy would love us to believe).

Our Awesome God LOVINGLY gives us guidelines, and parameters to keep us SAFE and CLOSE to Him so we can walk free of thorns and snares and things that will divide our hearts causing pain and confusion.  He loves us and knows that engaging in sinful behavior will block us from His BEST for us, and, that “paying later” is not only guaranteed, the price is deep, painful and far-reaching.

Thank You Father that we can learn from Your LIVING, and ACTIVE Word!  Help us to see the things You are showing us, knowing that as we apply Your GREAT TRUTH to our lives it will change the course of our history and the generations that will follow us!