Isaiah 54:1-57:13 / Ephesians 6:1-24 / Psalm 70:1-5 / Proverbs 24:8

Isaiah 55:3&9

“Give ear and come to Me; hear Me, that your soul may live…vs8 As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts”.

Give ear = Listen, tune in.

In this busy life, God calls us to listen, enjoy His presence and hear Him speak. He doesn’t just speak on Sunday and then go silent - He’s speaking all day every day.

In the midst of the noise of our lives and the sound of our own thoughts, God wants to break in, quiet our souls, refocus our minds and give us a different perspective - His perspective - WHAT A HUGE GIFT!  The God of the Universe says to us each morning “Hey, come be with Me, listen to Me and I’ll speak words to you that will make your soul come ALIVE.”

This invitation continues throughout the day as we train ourselves to keep listening.  It’s a simple decision we make to choose Him, His ways and His thoughts which = Life.