Isaiah 3:1-5:30 / 2 Corinthians 11:1-15 / Psalm 53:1-6 / Proverbs 22:28-29

Standout Verse: Isaiah 5:13
“Therefore, My people have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge.”

Isaiah was speaking of the Israelites about their spiritual condition, warning that if they didn’t return their hearts to the Lord, they would be held accountable for their blatant rebellion.  He identifies the fact that the reason they are facing captivity is because they “have no knowledge”.

The Israelites were living self-serving, self-gratifying lives.  God held some kind of “token” place in their hearts, but they no longer sought Him (unless they needed help). They were no longer filing themselves with God’s truth – no longer concerned with walking in His ways, but still expecting His mighty hand of protection and provision.  They were in a state of “spiritual atrophy”…unable to discern God’s voice of truth in their noisy culture.  As they continued living this way, they lost their (once strong) spiritual foundation and allowed it to be influenced and weakened – this would eventually lead to their captivity at the hands of the Babylonians.

This parallels the state of our world today and serves to enlighten our eyes and show us what can happen to us IF we allow the ways of the world and the pull of our culture to influence us to stop seeking God and filling ourselves with His truth. 

We must be people whose FAITH IS IN ACTION - we see the road ahead, anticipate opposition and decide to stay close to our Lord.  We must choose to ACTIVELY fill our hearts and minds with God’s TRUTH which will affect every area of our lives.  As we grow in our knowledge and understanding of Him, we will desire all the more to stay close and trust Him!  This is the safest place to be!  No longer at risk of being taken captive by the enemy (because we are well-equipped to identify and discern his lies), BUT CAPTIVATED BY OUR AWESOME GOD!