Exodus 15:20-17:7 / Matthew 22:1-33 / Psalm 27:1-7 / Proverbs 6:20-26

Standout Chapter: Exodus 16 – God provides manna for the Israelites

This is an incredible story of powerful and ingenious provision from the mighty hand of God.  His people had a very legitimate request: they needed food to eat.  However, rather than looking expectantly to the Lord to provide for them in their time of scarcity, they complained against Him and questioned His ability and plan for deliverance (kind of ironic considering that only a weeks before they witnessed first hand the plagues in Egypt, the Passover and the parting of the Red Sea). 

Mercifully, the Lord looked beyond their fleshly grumblings and moved in a powerful way.  He caused bread to fall from heaven each day.  The people were instructed to gather only what they needed for that day – no more!  He gave clear parameters for gathering the manna and told the people not to “store up” extra for the days to come.  Despite the clear instructions, some tried to collect more than the daily allotment.  However, it bred worms and stank.

In the New Testament, Matthew 6 says, “give us this day our daily bread” – a direct reference to the Exodus story of God’s faithful provision of manna, “bread from heaven”, each and every day.  We are taught to pray for and wait expectantly for the Lord to provide us daily with what we need – not only in a physical sense (food, clothing, shelter, finances, etc…), but spiritually also.

If we aren’t receiving a fresh and daily serving of the things of the Lord and walking out our day by the power of the Holy Spirit, we will not get very far in our spiritual lives.  If we have tried to “store up” good stuff from a strong past spiritual season, “Christian” event or concert, or live week to week off great worship/fellowship/teaching from church on Sunday morning, we are going to quickly run out of steam – our lives in Christ will not work well.  Yes, a bold statement, but it is true.  We can’t live our lives, spiritually speaking, if we continue to return to an old experience as a point of filling hoping to get something new.

God promises that if we will be faithful to walk out each day with Him, in passionate devotion, filling ourselves with His Word and in prayer, He will give us “our daily bread”.  And He promises that as we continue to meet with Him each day, He will faithfully give us exactly what we need to walk out our days with a fresh measure of His Holy Spirit.

Don’t let yourself fall into an old routine or let your spiritual life grow stale – don’t let yourself get ripped off!!!  Your Father in heaven wants to give you fresh bread each day – everything you need to walk filled with peace, strength and strategies for your life.  What an awesome promise!

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