Exodus 21:28-23:13 / Matthew 24:1-28 / Psalm 29:1-11 / Proverbs 7:6-23

Standout Verse:

Proverbs 7: 7-9 & 23
“I perceived among the youths a young man devoid of understanding passing along the street near her corner.  And he took the path to her house in the twilight of the evening – in the black and dark night”.

(v. 23) “He did not know it would cost him his life.”

One of Satan’s number one goals is to separate us from God.  One of the number one ways he wants to go about it is through sexual sin.  If we tolerate it or accept it as “normal” or something we have no power to control, it will begin to subtly take our life.  Sounds extreme?  Just look around at the world we’re living in. We are living smack dab in the middle of an extremely over-sexualized culture where exposure leads to acceptance, acceptance can lead to participation and participation can lead to addiction.

If we are “devoid of understanding” (i.e. ignorant to it’s effects and how the enemy wants to use it to come first between us and the Lord and then between us and our spouse and then our children and friendships) he can worm his way into the secrets, shadows and dark of night and whisper to us that our secret sins don’t really matter.

But the reality is, we’re NOT at the mercy of a sexually driven culture and it is TOTALLY possible by God’s awesome power to be free from a lifestyle dictated and shaped by sexual sin.  BUT we’ve got to get SMART.  We’ve got to KNOW God’s TRUTH about this subject (BTW it’s ALL THROUGH Proverbs!), then we’ve got to make the choice to STAND FIRM and be UNSHAKEABLE“removing our way FAR from it and not going near it “(Proverbs 5: 8).

Best news of the day… God is WAY BIGGER than the enemy’s strategies.  Let’s see this sin for what it is and CHOOSE TO LIVE CLEAN, CLEAR AND FREE!  What the enemy seeks to destroy (our relationships), GOD SEEKS TO HEAL, SET FREE AND MAKE BEAUTIFUL, THRIVING AND GREEN!!!

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