Leviticus 17:1-18:30 / Mark 7:24-8:10 / Psalm 41:1-13 / Proverbs 10:15-16

Standout verse:

Mark 8: 1-10… Jesus feeds the 4,000.

What a great story - It is so inspiring!  It illustrates so well the “use what you have principle”.  Obviously Jesus and His disciples were in a tough spot: thousands of people with a very legitimate need – food.  They had severely limited resources: 7 loaves of bread and a few small fish.  Clearly, the math didn’t add up in human terms.  I think Jesus loved this situation…it must have been really fun for Him to illustrate such an inspiring message of His ability to provide.

Was there “technically enough” (in a physical sense) to meet the needs of all the people?  No!  But Jesus stepped in, and caused what little resources they did have to multiply until the need was met and plenty of food was left over – seven baskets to be exact!

By this time, the disciples had seen enough of Jesus’ unbelievable miracles that they must have been truly expectant to see what He was going to do.  They were probably looking at Him with excitement thinking, “What’s gonna happen…what’s He gonna do this time?  This is gonna be good!”

The next time we find ourselves in a situation of need that requires much more than we have (finances, man-power, strength) let’s not fall into fear or allow ourselves to slip into a defeated “failure mode”.  Let’s get ready to see God move in powerful ways that defy the literal, physical resources we can see with our eyes.

If the Lord has given us work to accomplish, He is more than able to multiply what little resources we have available to us!  Let’s ask ourselves, “OK Lord, what DO we have?” (Forget about what we don’t have!!) What do You want us to do, how do You want us to proceed?” As we wait on Him to provide with expectant hearts, He will blow us away with His creativity and His provision. 

This stuff is sooo fun – fun for the Lord and fun for us, because in the end (after we see our powerful God come through) it builds and strengthens our faith!