Exodus 37:1-38:31 / Matthew 28:1-20 / Psalm 34:11-22 / Proverbs 9:9-10

Standout Verses: Exodus 37&38

These two chapters describe the building of the furniture of the tabernacle. Everything is being made ready for God's people to experience Him, worship Him and minister to Him. The tabernacle was at the CENTER of life's activities. These chapters describe in detail the INTENTIONAL design, creation and purpose of a beautiful scene - a scene set for worship.

God has designed us so that we can live lives of worship and have our days centered around His presence.  It begins at the beginning of each day as we open our hearts through opening the Word and digging into His truth.  As we stop, and take the time to listen and pray, He speaks to us and gives instruction, promptings and nudges throughout the day so that we can enjoy Him and worship Him from sunrise to sundown - a lifestyle of worship!