Joshua 5:1-7:9 / Luke 15:1-32 / Psalm 81:1-16 / Proverbs 13:1

Standout verse:

Joshua 7:1-9

The story of the sin of Achan

After the miraculous victory at Jericho, Achan promptly disobeyed the ban on “spoils” and took some of the “accursed” things of the land.  This story exposes the pull of our flesh and the sinful desire to grab as much as we can – even if the Lord hasn’t given it to us. Achan felt he deserved more and was somehow entitled to have what he wanted when he wanted it.

Great freedom comes when we embrace the things God has given us with a thankful heart and when can learn to discern what things that are simply not for us.  We need to expectantly focus on the things God is doing in our lives as opposed to trying to take more and make things happen.  We mustn’t allow ourselves to fall into an entitlement mentality - that will always produce frustration and disappointment.

Simply put, we shouldn’t want anything God doesn’t have for us.  We need to be willing to wait on His perfectly timed provision!  He gives us everything we need just when we need it!