Joshua 19:1-20:9 / Luke 19:28-48 / Psalm 88:1-18 / Proverbs 13:12-14

Standout Verses:
Joshua, Chapters 13-19

The Promised Land is divided between the 12 Tribes of Israel

Joshua 13-19 is a detailed description of the borders of each of the 12 tribes of Israel. Clarity and understanding of these boundaries was critical for the people in order to avoid problems and confusion between the tribes. It may seem odd that such meticulous detail is given, but what can be understood from it is this:

OUR GOD IS CLEAR AND SPECIFIC.  He isn’t sitting up in heaven with His fingers crossed, hoping we will stumble onto some good choices, or “luck out”. He wants to lead us, individually, into our “Promised Land”.  However, He can only lead us there if we are yielded to Him, passionately pursuing Him, and walking in an abiding relationship with Him.

We need to ask Him, “Lord, in this season, what are the boundaries and parameters You have set for me? Please show me, so I can walk in obedience, fullness and uncompromised clarity and peace.


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