Judges 4:1-5:31 / Luke 22:35-54 / Psalm 94:1-23 / Proverbs 14:3-4

Standout Verse: JUDGES

The book of Judges is an account of the roller coaster journey of the Israelites.  As they repeatedly fell into sin, turned their hearts toward other gods and joined themselves to people who didn’t know the Lord, they would find themselves in a place of captivity and oppression.  After a time of suffering, they would realize they had gotten themselves into trouble because they’d turned their hearts away from Him.  They would then cry out to God and repent.  He would hear their cries, forgive their sin, rescue, and restore them back to Himself and things would be good for a season.  However, as time wore on they would become complacent in their relationship with Him, their hearts would gradually turn away and they would find themselves in full blown rebellion, sin and unfaithfulness all over again.

Some important things to see in Judges…

1. We serve a LOVING FATHER who deeply desires to be in a close, growing relationship with His children.  No matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done, He is ALWAYS ready and willing to forgive our sin and bring us back to Himself. 

2. ROLLER COASTER LIVING STINKS.  Life doesn’t have to be that way.  A “drop in, drop out” relationship with the Lord will only produce frustration, hopelessness and confusion.  Our relationship with Him is meant to be strong, steady, growing and green – even in hard times!  It was never meant to be up, down, distant, or flat-lined.

3. We need to learn from history.  The Israelites are the perfect example of “what NOT to do” in terms of their crazy, volatile lifestyle. The book of Judges is a gift that the Lord has given us so we can learn by study rather than first-hand experience. 

4. The story of the Israelites doesn’t have to be the story of our lives.  We can learn from them and CHOOSE TO BE FAITHFUL, DELIBERATE, AND STEADFAST IN OUR WALK WITH GOD as we simply SAY “NO” TO CRAZY ROLLER COASTER LIVING!