I Samuel 22:1-23:29 / John 10:1-21 / Psalm 115:1-18 / Proverbs 15:18-19

Standout Verse:

I Samuel, Chapters 22 and 23Saul was in hot pursuit of David in order to take his life! God’s hand of protection was upon David each step of the way. At each close call, God provided a way of escape for him. This was a very strange season for David – lots of waiting, hiding out, facing the fear of death, constantly on the move fleeing from Saul’s various assaults. Through it all he continually inquired of the Lord, seeking each "next move" from Him. He was fully dependent and yielded to the Lord’s direction and strategy. Though this season in his life seemed to go on forever, the Lord was drawing his heart closer to Him as he learned to fully rely upon his God to save him. It was abundantly clear to David that the Lord’s providential hand was upon him leading and protecting him step by step.

When we face difficult seasons in our lives that seem to drag on forever, let it tie our hearts closer to the Lord.  He may have us in a season of total dependency on Him for the very purpose of stripping away distractions and getting us used to being close to Him.  And, when our circumstances do change, we will easily continue in that closeness.