Judges 21:1-Ruth 1:22 / John 4:5-42 / Psalm 105:1-15 / Proverbs 14:25

John 4:5-42

Todays reading in John begins with Jesus being weary and needing a drink and ends with Jesus being full and energized after ministering to the woman at the well which lead to her personal revival and a revival in the lives of many people around her.

This story is a great lesson for us as we all get weary at times and need refreshment. Jesus displayed a wonderful principle we need to get ahold of - REFRESHMENT COMES AS WE SERVE AND CARRY OUT THE WILL OF THE FATHER.

Yes, Jesus was thirsty and weary, but this didn't cause Him to feel entitled to be served. Rather, He could see the deep thirst in this woman's life and served her with the truth. And as He did this, it invigorated Him.

After this encounter, the disciples invited Jesus to eat, but He responded by saying "I'm full, doing the will of the Father is what fuels me."

When the Bible says “as we wait on the Lord, we'll rise on wings of eagles”(Isaiah 40:31), I wonder sometimes if it's talking about 'waiting' like a waiter who's ready to serve (action) rather than just sitting around waiting for things to change.

Lord, especially when we get weary, it’s super important that our ears are tuned to You so we don't miss the things You have for us to do OR the refreshment You’ll bring to us in ways we may not have expected. Your plans and ways, even when we tired, are always the best and we don't want to miss them. Lead on.

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