1 Kings 9:1-10:29 / Acts 8:14-40 / Psalm 130:1-8 / Proverbs 17:2-3

Standout Verse:

“If You, Lord should mark our iniquities, O Lord, who could stand?  But there is forgiveness in You that You may be feared.”

Somehow we convince ourselves that God forgives most things, but He would never really forgive us all the way, wash us completely clean and give us a new start because the things we’ve done fall out of the boundaries of what He really, technically forgives. 

This kind of thinking has to go - it’s a lie from the enemy.  Satan specializes in condemnation and loves to twist the truth so we buy into the lie that God is selective in what/how much He chooses to forgive.  This incorrect belief will keep us from a growing, thriving relationship with the Lord. It distorts our view of God causing us to see Him as a harsh, stingy, impersonal judge.

The reality is that our God is a loving Heavenly Father who has great and amazing things for His children.  He is quick to forgive hearts that are truly repentant so we can, once again, walk closely with Him.

If we feel the heaviness of conviction, it’s a good thing that we need to respond to quickly.  Conviction is God putting His finger on our hearts saying, “No, stop doing that…your wrong choices/sin are putting a wedge between us - it’s messing with the great things I have planned for you.  Repent and turn from this so I can forgive you, wash you clean and get you back on the adventure I created you for.”

GOD DOESN’T GET MAD AT US, HE GETS MAD FOR US.  HE WANTS US TO WALK WITH HIM – CLEAN AND CLEAR AND FREE!  He is quick to forgive because He is crazy about us and deeply desires to see us become the people He made us to be – that thrills His heart.

THERE IS NO SIN HE WON’T FORGIVE.  We need to get this TRUTH deeply rooted in our hearts.  

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