2 Kings 4:18-5:27 / Acts 15:1-29 / Psalm 141:1-10 / Proverbs 17:23

2 Kings 1-15

The Story of Naaman

Naaman needed physical healing, but more than that, God wanted to address the pride that was in his heart so it could be removed because it was blocking Naaman from freely obeying God and receiving His best for him.

Pride is a cancer that can slowly cripple our lives and come between us and the Lord.  If left “undiagnosed” it will compromise the great things God wants to do in us and and through us as it affects our hearts, minds, attitudes, relationships, finances - even our God given dreams and visions.

God wants His children to be, think, and operate as healthy individuals.  Pride cannot co-exist in our hearts if we want to walk strong in the great things God has for us. 

To effectively combat pride, we must regularly schedule “check ups” and humbly ask the Lord to show us if we are walking in humility (with Him in the center) or in pride (with “self” in the center).

What's great is, if we slow down long enough to listen, He promises to show us the condition of our heart (because He loves us and wants His best for us!) so we can quickly identify and remove any root of pride that seeks to spread compromise throughout our hearts and lives.