2 Kings 6:1-7:20 / Acts 15:30-16:15 / Psalm 142:1-7 / Proverbs 17:24-25

Standout verses:II Kings 7 – The Syrians lay siege to Samaria.

This story shows how God is able to turn around what looks like an impossible situation - from a human perspective - with ease. God is all-powerful and the King of creative strategies! He caused the Syrian army to abandon their highly effective siege of Samaria, with what sounded like chariots, horses and the stampeding of a 'great army'. The Syrians were driven back and the siege was ended by nothing more than clever sound effects! Who could have made up such a simple solution to what seemed an impossible problem? Only our God!

Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of problems and challenges that seem overwhelming and impossible. We can find ourselves getting crippled with discouragement at times due to our limited, human perspective. But we need to remember that our Father in heaven loves us, has a plan for our lives and is backing us – we need to stand on this promise! From His perspective, what seems impossible is an opportunity for Him to build our faith as we trust in His power, provision and strategies! Let us be confident in the mighty, creative, strategic hand of our God!