2 Kings 8:1-9:13 / Acts 16:16-40 / Psalm 143:1-12 / Proverbs 17:26

Standout verse:Acts 16:25“But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God and the prisoners were listening to them…”

Paul and Silas had just been attacked, slandered, beaten severely with rods, thrown into the dark hole of a prison, and were chained to the wall in stocks.  Yet, in the midst of this overwhelming persecution, they were awake at midnight speaking and singing praise to their God. Despite their circumstances, they chose to praise the Lord and keep their eyes fully focused on Him.  I’m sure they weren’t in denial about their present reality, they simply chose to deal with their situation completely dependent on and yielded to the purposes of their Father, knowing that He held the only answer to their predicament.  They were choosing not to process their present situation in their own strength and understanding, but through the Lord and His strength and understanding.

Their ability to rise above the intensity of their circumstances is inspiring!  It would be so easy to focus on any one of those things and get dejected, filled with fear, or overwhelmed with hopelessness.  This story is an encouraging example of how when we focus on God and His power with praise and expectancy, rather than focusing on circumstances and trials through our own human eyes, we open the door to breakthrough and freedom.  God wants us to see Him as our source.  He is able to show us His hand of provision, protection and deliverance from even the most desperate of circumstances.