2 Samuel 22:21-23:39 / Acts 2:1-47 / Psalm 122:1-9 / Proverbs 16:19-20

Standout Verses:II Samuel 22:33-35“God is my strength and power, and He makes my way perfect.  He makes my feet like the feet of deer, and sets me on high places.  

II Samuel 22:37“You enlarged my path under me so my feet did not slip.” You make our feet like the feet of a deer and set us on high places

The significance behind this is the rocky, mountainous terrain surrounding Israel.  The cliffs are windy and treacherous, yet the deer are able to carefully navigate the twists, turns and uneven rocks with ease - careful with each step.

God wants to walk with us through EVERYTHING.  Even the most difficult, treacherous situations can be navigated and we can stay safe IF we walk with the Lord leading and guiding us step by step.  There is no chance we can make our way through the twists and turns of this world on our own – we will surely fall.  It’s actually crazy to even consider living this life without the help, direction and wisdom of God – it will not go well!

It’s miraculous to know that our Heavenly Father not only promises to help guide us each step of the way, He promises that, as we trust and rely on Him, He will enlarge the path beneath us so that our feet do not slip – even when we find ourselves in “cliff hanger” situations.  SO COOL!