2 Samuel 24:1-24:25 / Acts 3:1-26 / Psalm 123:1-4 / Proverbs 16:21-23

Standout verses:II Samuel 2:1-25 – The Story of David’s Census

The Lord was greatly displeased with David because the census he took of his troops was about counting the men in his army and gauging their power by numbers instead of by God’s power, ability to deliver Israel, and PERFECT RECORD of past faithfulness. David had once fully relied on God alone to fight his battles, but he began demonstrating a shift in his thinking. He was focusing instead on a worldly view of power and security (the hand of man). God’s punishment, though severe, brought David’s heart back into alignment with Him.

Sometimes we find, just like David did, that we have stepped out of God’s will. In David’s case, his heart was passionate about the Lord and, upon realizing his sinful actions, was quick to repent and ask the Lord to forgive him. God is gracious and merciful and fully desires to bring us back under the covering of His mighty hand when we have walked away. LET’S REMAIN CLOSE AND CONSISTENT IN OUR ‘ONE ON ONE’ TIMES WITH HIM SO WE WILL BE IN AN OPEN AND RECEPTIVE POSITION TO HEAR OUR HEAVENLY FATHERS’ VOICE OF DIRECTION AND CORRECTION. We can then QUICKLY return to Him if we discover we’ve gotten off track.